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'DÉJÀVU': Son of a Policeman's cyclical heartbreaks in the form of city pop [NEW SINGLE]

City pop finds a fresh coat of paint in Son of a Policeman's ode to the never-ending nature of heartbreak


When it comes to the seemingly never-ending tribulations of the heart, very few genres are more appropriate to convey them than the stretched out, 'verse-refrain-verse' format of disco. Sprinkled with the tightness of pop, one would be probably deceived into thinking that a bouncy track must contain a happy message. But exemplified by city pop tracks such as "Plastic Love", the funk belies a certain kind of sadness and loneliness in 'DEJA VU'.


Son Of A Policeman's (or SOAP) second collaboration with DSML also features the subtle vocal richness of Kuala Lumpur-based R&B singer-songwriter, SUEHAILA. Although SUEHAILA is obviously capable of elaborate vocal runs based on her covers, the beauty of "DEJAVU" lies in the tasteful execution of her voice within a melancholic yet catchy pop setting; mostly harmonising and dueting to Mikha's more subdued singing. All of these layers dance on an inspired production that wields its own modern freshness. The rap-like verse by Josh in the song could have turned out more stilted and awkward if it wasn't saved by a nu-disco sound that feels timeless. After a couple of listens, DEJAVU has easily become one of SOAP's best singles in their discography, with a groovy bassline and sunny strings to match. It's the production details that capture the full picture. Although lyrically and thematically, DEJAVU bears the risk of simply drowning in the deep pool of retro-inspired indie-pop out there (some with even warmer, more rugged or fuller arrangements, e.g. Jessie Ware), it's the little glitches and transitions in DEJA VU that gives it personality; all made with impeccable flair by producer, DSML. Son of a Policeman has an unnamed concept EP in the works that is set to be released in 2021.

Son of a Policeman. Image Courtesy of SOAP. ------ Coming from Subang Jaya, Malaysia, Son Of A Policeman's members are frontman Josh Ganesan, violinist Nate Tan, guitarist/vocalist Mikha Chan, guitarist Aqmal Shah, bassist/vocalist Zijunn Tan, and drummer Zach Mathai. In 2016, they were shortlisted as three finalists in a Southeast Asian battle of the band and earned the opportunity to perform in the same lineup as Scottish electro-pop group, CHVRCHES. Check out their single before this 'Sunrise Magic':

David Siow (aka DSML) is a Singaporean-based music producer who seeks to express his trauma in the form of his work. While being a part of an award-winning indie-pop group , M1LDL1FE, he has released many collaborations, including Son of A Policeman, Singapore-based home-girl GIN.GIRL, collaborations with Singapore-based pop artist Falling Feathers, Indonesian indie-anthem rock band lightcraft, as well as Singapore-based LGBTQ advocate/actress/musician Jean Seizure (as part of Majulah Weekender). Listen to lightcraft's 'Run Away':

Kuala Lumpur-based SUEHAILA has been traversing the Malaysian independent singer-songwriter scene as an R&B/soul artist for the past 3 years. Based on a press statement. She has a host of original songs waiting to be released soon. Listen to her rendition of 'Halo':

Follow Son Of A Policeman on Instagram at @sonofapopo, DSML at @iamdsml, and Suehaila at @suerockss. You can also find Where Are The Fruits at @fruitswhere.

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