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Alternative rock band, Segi, announces new pop rock single entitled "Cahaya"

The Kuala Lumpur-based alternative rock band has recently announced an upcoming single called 'Cahaya', coming out on the 21st of June. The track features guest collaborator Greish to complement Segi's ambitions of keeping their music fresh.


Image Credit: Segi Press Statement

Segi is a trio consisting of Shidi, Ali and Ismail, and earlier this year they released their track "Survival" which we were pretty fond of. A solid rock track with noir overtones that pushed their predominant sound to another level. In working with Greish they hope to improve the quality of their material, especially by taking them away from traditional guitar-bass-drum rock productions, and incorporating Greish's inclination towards more electronic instruments. After having written their first single this year in English, they decide to go back to their mother tongue, Malay (or Bahasa Melayu). In a press statement, they said that 'Cahaya' would be a track filled with positivity in its narrative, while maintaining continuity with their previous single. The band also spoke of the song revolving around more electronic and pop rock productions. IN the same statement, they've stated their appetite to explore more sounds in the future including R&B in their pursuit of finding what makes a song great.

The band is also now under new management with an organization called Bunyi Bicara.

"Sometimes, we felt that the band is stuck in a place that we couldn't really understand and we didn't know what to do and how to get out of it" says Ali in a recent talk with a few journalist during their private studio session during which he was recording for the band's upcoming single slated to be released later this month. "But then we got to meet some of these wonderful people in Bunyi Bicara that gave us some help in terms of managing our resources and also keeping track on our materials and how we should go about and publish it within our current capacity" added Ali.

In a statement by Bunyi Bicara’s spokesperson Mr. Luqman Hadi, the band has been said to be very much independent in most of their creative work along with their managerial work prior to the signing. The collaboration were only meant to dampen their workload on those backend process and give the band an extra hand to complete their task in a much efficient manner.

“We will not be playing the role of a label with Segi as they maintain control on all of their creative decision along with how they would like to distribute their earnings from their work. We are mainly here just as their managerial team in order to help them get the job done probably half the time that they would take on their own” says Luqman Hadi at the studio in Ampang during the band’s private session for their upcoming single.

The band and Bunyi Bicara has already committed to their deal early in February this year prior to the release of Segi’s first single in 2019 titled Survival. The band has only decided to make the announcement now in conjunction with their upcoming release of a new song that is slated to be available somewhere in June of 2019. All of the news about new management and an upcoming single teases at a slightly fresher outlook for the band. In the meantime, check out their previous single, 'Survival':

Featured Image: Segi Press Statement

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