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5-on-5 (1/8): Dominic Fike, Rvjvh, Ed Sheeran, Heavside & Blink-182

Welcome to 5-on-5, where we put together a collection of 5 fresh tracks from around the world! NOTE: From here on end, 5-on-5 will replace our Weekly Assembly, as to review as many songs as possible without overwhelming our dear readers with a huge list. This way we can afford to update this site more frequently. We would still be updating our Spotify playlist weekly!

Control Lights - Rvjvh (ft. Asyraf Hardy)

GENRE: HIP HOP / LO-FI HIP HOP Seth aka @loneprod’s production on Control Lights is descriptive of its title - it’s a desolate night out in the city, where your loneliness becomes your only company. Rvjvh’s self-effacing lyrics also speaks volume to this message, while also mixing it up with ambitions of hitting the charts and flaunting that ‘pretty boi’ swag. His lazy flow complements the night-time beats impeccably, with enough switch-ups and wordplay to stop it from going stale. Kuching rapper, Asyraf Hardy, just throws the molotov into this whole mix with his more assertive approach, acting like the firey yin to Rvjvh’s laidback yang. RATING: 3.5 / 5


Darkside - Blink-182

GENRE: POP PUNK / POP ROCK Underneath all of the overproduced schmaltz that squeezes the rawness from Mark Hoppus’s performance and the instrumentation that fuels it, Darkside is a decent pop punk song waiting to surface. The hook on here feels stronger than their previous single Happy Days, but as usual, in their attempt to convert that Blink-182 sound into something more current, the production of all the instrumental breakdowns just loses any teeth. If you feel like blink-182 is still for you, their upcoming album “NINE” is coming out 20th September 2019 RATING: 2 / 5


A Better Day - Heavside

GENRE:POP PUNK / ALTERNATIVE ROCK The crunchy guitar intro, vocals that lie in the perfect ‘point’ between rugged and melodic, the thumping bassline and percussions - A Better Day has all the makings of a solid pop punk song. Sure, it falls into the classic mold of pop punk lyricism that can sometimes be too cliche or superficial, but the performance of this track is solid and emotive that you can’t help but rock yourself out to it. Hailing from KL, Heavside is definitely a band to look out for for those emo punk fans out there. They seem to straddle a good mix of melody and aggression, and that balancing act keeps you on your toes. RATING: 3.5 / 5


Antisocial (ft. Travis Scott) - Ed Sheeran

GENRE: POP Ed Sheeran’s latest compilation album No 6. Collaborations Project was released 12 July 2019 to mixed reception, mainly because it just sounds like a really clumsy Spotify New Music Friday playlist with all of its disparate features from 50 Cent to Chris Stapleton to Skrillex. There’s your usual awkward Ed Sheeran rap that makes up 20% of it, while the rest is just the same old bland EDM, trap-inspired production again & again. With the exception of I Don’t Want Your Money featuring H.E.R., none of the other tracks really hold much weight or heart. But one of the singles preceding the collaboration, Antisocial, is still an extremely fun listen. Notwithstanding the seemingly unworkable coupling of Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott, there is a hilarious, light-heartedness to the song arrangement that makes it pretty enticing. To a certain extent, it does come at the expense of any off of Travis Scott’s unique personality or rapping style since his influence is watered down to just a few lame bars. RATING: 3 / 5


Phone Numbers - Dominic Fike

GENRE: R&B / ALTERNATIVE R&B / POP At this point, Florida rapper Dominic Fike needs to already be on the tongues and ears of anyone claiming to be at the trendy edge of alternative R&B and hip hop. Kenny Beats production on Phone Numbers gives off a summery vibe with plucky strings elevated by a refrain from Dominic that is super-catchy and relatable to all of you people being ghosted right now. (“Why you don’t answer me / Why you change phone numbers like clothes”). Releasing this on the backs of his previous single Acai Bowl and Rollerblades, Phone Numbers has the most shine and staying power so far. RATING: 4 / 5

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